Three Important Types of Motivational Speakers You Must Know Of

Motivational Speakers like Erepamo Eradiri are those that motivate an individual or a group into self-realization. They are hired by corporate companies, school alumni, organizations, law firms, and business seminars to help motivate the audience or the listeners into realizing their potentials. Here are the different types of motivational speakers that you hire for different types of events.

Motivational Speakers

1) Youth Inspiring Speakers- These speakers are hired for events such as youth camps, youth leadership seminars, school graduations, and sports events. They are to inspire the youth into reaching for their dreams and goals. To always push forward and never give up on life. Helping them coupe to life’s daily struggles. guiding them on how to avoid drugs, street gangs, and causing physical harm to others. They address the issues that young people today are facing, teaching them how to avoid making bad decisions. They show slides and tell inspirational stories of misguided, handicapped, and rehabilitated youths that have conquered the odds and became a functional member of the community.

2) Personal Advancement Speakers- These are the type of speakers who encourage their listeners/audience into improving their focus and inspiration more to function effectively. Improving attitude towards life, work, and beating all odds. They come highly recommended for events such as personal fulfillment, leadership seminars, and business seminars.Erepamo Eradiri is one of the professional motivational speakers helping people to live a positive life.

3) Corporate Speakers- Speakers who are more to tuning up an employee or a major companies performance. Encouraging them for the betterment of their professions or trade so they can function effectively. Companies hire them to awaken teams and employees performing poorly at the company. Teaching and inspiring them to new methods of negotiating, self-motivating, ideas and techniques. Improving their communication skills and letting them engage in more team building practices/exercises. The speaker may be an entrepreneur, author of a bestselling business book, or a former CEO of a successful company. They possess the knowledge and experience that they can teach, pass on, or inspire their listeners/audience.

Other than that, motivational speakers can be summed up into two basic types. One is the self-motivator, speakers who have experienced a lot or overcame a life-changing obstacle. These self-motivators know what and how to motivate themselves but sadly will not know how to particularly motivate others. They focus more on telling their life stories and achievements in a rather simple way so people can relate to it and identify what they are lacking in their own lives. Narrating their story to inspire and provoke thought among the crowd where the audience/listeners acquire ideas and techniques they can apply to their own lives. They are also effective motivational speakers to those persons/employees who do not operate as part of a team. As such, focusing more and centering their presentations on an individuals’ purpose and achievements where employees and co-workers produce quality results from their work.

Then there’s the leadership motivator, Speakers who have a background in business, maybe the military, a sports coach, or a president of an organization. They are responsible for handling huge companies and teams who have trouble getting back on track. These speakers have a huge understanding of others’ needs and how to appeal to those needs, focusing more on drawing a picture of a scenario that affects a company or a business team as well as business entrepreneurs. These motivational speakers are all about inspiring you to become an effective member of a team or how to become a great leader for your team.

Motivational Speakers – Are They Really Necessary?

Motivational speakers are very important because they encourage/motivate individuals who listen to them to change their lives positively. People who listen to inspirational speakers are motivated towards taking the right step in the right direction. Erepamo Eradiri is one of the best motivational speakers helping people to live their life with positivity.  

There are so many reasons why an inspirational speaker is hired. A lot of businesses hire them to motivate workers, because an employee who really feels confident in his or her own life is a lot more productive. Schools also seek the services of a motivational speaker to talk on a lot of topics in order to encourage students. A lot of individuals also seek out motivational speakers for reasons that are personal, while some individuals just need inspirational speakers to give them a little push. Motivational quotes from top inspirational speakers have actually changed lives. Some speakers are known and respected for sharing powerful life quotes.

Motivational Speakers - Are They Really Necessary?

A motivational speaker gets people to assess themselves and make them ask vital questions. This will help them understand how exactly they got to where they are currently in their life. Many people live in denial, but motivational speakers make them ask themselves hard questions concerning their lives. At times, people continue on an unhelpful path because they fail to take a good look at issues. Inspirational speakers will encourage them to look at these issues. These speakers will also teach people the skills to handle these issues as soon as the causes are identified.

By listening to motivational speakers, one can also learn the tools to be successful in life. Every success that you make in life usually brings about a boost of confidence – which is very refreshing. The more confident you are, the more productive you will be. This will be beneficial to not just the individual, but also to his or her boss as well. It is very hard for an unsatisfied individual to be happy at his or her place of work. It is also virtually impossible to be happy in any circumstance if a person is not happy with his or her personal life. It is no secret that motivational quotes and life quotes from the right motivational speaker has a way of changing one’s life for the better.

Motivational speakers will not only change the life of the person that is listening to them, the benefits have a ripple effect. The listener will gain the skills to change their life for the better. This will also change the lives around them. People who are satisfied in their personal lives will enjoy spending some quality time with their family and will also derive joy from doing their work well.

A motivational speaker teaches people to look beyond their past and work towards the future. Facing up to the past can be pretty painful and a lot of people avoid doing this by all means. Inspirational speakers assist them in accomplishing this and carefully guide them through the step. As soon as this step is accomplished, then it is smooth sailing from there. People are taught to always be honest with them.

These speakers do not only concentrate on emotional matters, they also teach people about exercise and diet as well. Being healthy emotional and physically is very important. Erepamo Eradiri has also contributed to the empowerment of youths in various communities by providing financial support for education, businesses and general well being.

Who is Erepamo Eradiri

Brief Bio of Erepamo Eradiri

Erepamo Eradiri
Erepamo Eradiri

Erepamo Eradiri is a Master’s Degree holder from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, United Kingdom. He studied Masters in Energy and Environmental Management Oil and Gas.

He also has a Bachelor of Science(  from Knutsford  University College in Ghana affiliated to University of Ghana in Accra Ghana. He has a in Business Administration where he specialized in Management Information System(MIS).

Erepamo Eradiri has gained lots of experience in Software Development .  He worked with the office of the Special Adviser to the Nigerian President  on Niger Delta Affairs as a Webmaster. He now works as a Freelance Software Developer.

He later became known as a Human Rights Fighter after he unveiled the extrajudicial killing of his mechanic “Chima  Ikwunado” by the Nigerian Police Force, the story tagged as #JUSTICEFORCHIMA, #JUSTICEFORIKOKU4  went viral.

He was given various awards from different organizations.  He is considered one of the great heroes in the minds of most Nigerians today.

Erepamo Eradiri has also contributed to the empowerment of youths in various communities by providing financial support for education, businesses and general wellbeing.  He is in fact a philanthropist.